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Whether you are considering braces, tooth whitening or other cosmetic dental options, Dr Cary Fraser is Sydney’s premier holistic dentist specialised and experienced in the latest techniques – even including invisible braces, “million dollar snap-on teeth” and mouthguards that improve athletic performance.

Many patients come to us because of headaches and migraines, snoring and sleep apnea and other ailments that other health professionals can’t resolve.

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Turn an uncomfortable, self-conscious smirk
Into a full-fledged smile that beams confidence

Smiling is one of the most natural ways to connect with others. If you’re in business, involved in sales or customer service, having nice teeth is a big advantage that you need to  consider. Research has shown that more attractive people make more money, close more sales,and get better promotions.

Having straight teeth will give you renewed confidence that transcends just smiling – your whole face will lighten up and your spirit and enthusiasm will lift as you establish better rapport with everyone you come in contact with.

You will finally be able to look people right in the eyes, without feeling self-conscious or putting your hands to your mouth.

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